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Water Level Controllers

aboutAutomatic water level controller is an electronic gadget called (Motor Controlled Automatically on the Basis of liquid W.R. to Sump and Overhead Tank) and submersible pump. Our Automatic water level controller is manufactured under the name Garzia water level controller– takes the responsibility of a man who switching On/Off the motor. Our Automatic water level controller serves 24 hours water supply without letting the overhead tank to become empty.

Smart Starters

aboutGarzia Smart Starters is a device which contains automatic water level controller inbuilt in it which provides automatic operation to the moter. This has also manual turn to the basic manual starter by which we can use it as manual. This type of starter replaces conventional type starter. Pl see more on the page.

Control Panels

aboutWe are manufacturing Custombuilt control panels on customer's requirement and design. This Range contains TPN & SPN Power Distribution Panels, MCCB boards, AMF Panels for generators etc..


aboutWe have several models of submersible pump Starters for 1Ø and 3Ø lines. Our starter having robust quality fulfills customer desires and expectation. We use internal components and wiring of high standards. Pl. see more on the page.


aboutWe have wide range of Automatic changeovers for 1Ø and 3Ø power lines. We have manufactured Different Models CLDs and Phase Transfer 3 phase Automatic Changeover. Pl see more on the page..


aboutOur Quality moters for exuast fans and coolers with copper wound wires. Pl go through details...